Prayer and our relationship with God

There's a difference between having a relationship to someone and having a relationship with someone. For example, parents and children have an established relationship to each other by virtue of being parent and child. So even after the children have become adults and perhaps moved far away, that relationship to each other still exists. And if the family stays in touch, the parents and children continue to carry on a relationship with each other as well.

All of us are God's children. Christ Jesus referred to God as "Father," and the Scriptures also point clearly to the motherhood of God. The teachings of Christian Science speak of God as "Father-Mother." They bring out the fact that God is Love, our divine Parent. The true identity of each of us is the child of God, and as His spiritual offspring, we're forever embraced in His love. This is our relationship to God, and it's permanent. It can never be broken. It's the most important relationship we can ever know. It's our spiritual basis for demonstrating His perpetual care.

Good news: God loves you!
April 24, 1995

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