An effective start in stopping crime

A frustrated law-enforcement officer spoke about certain government policies as "dancing around the edges." Instead of getting to the core of the crime problem, the solutions offered were, he felt, just dealing with the peripheral issues. If those involved in fighting crime could feel so challenged, what can an ordinary citizen do? How can we truly help free ourselves and others, whether victim or perpetrator, from crime?

Eliminating the influence of intemperance, intolerance, self-will, hate, within our own lives is a first step. And this is a step that each one of us can take. By healing sin, anything unlike God, good, within ourselves, we are helping fight crime. In this effort our aim is to express man's true nature as the reflection of God, of Truth and Love. As we manifest spiritual qualities, such as purity, righteousness, we feel the moral power of good; Truth will lead us to see ways to bless all who come in contact with us. Understanding our spiritual nature gives us the authority to express greater dominion and helps us bring calm in the midst of excitement, intelligence not confusion, courage instead of fear.

Acting against violence
April 24, 1995

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