We do have a "fixed" income

God's provision is available and practical, right now.

People talk all the time about having to make do with a fixed or limited amount of money coming in each month. But what if we don't have any regular paycheck? Then we might want to take another view of this term fixed. Yes, it could imply that we're only going to be receiving so much. But another meaning of fixed, found in the dictionary, has greatly appealed to me—"securely placed or fastened."

When my husband and I both became self-employed, we had to learn a higher sense of the concept "fixed income." Certainly there was no dependable salary we could count on anymore. In turning to God in prayer for an answer to calm my apprehension about possible financial disaster, the thought of a fixed income kept coming to me. Then when I discovered that definition "securely placed or fastened," I knew what the answer was. Everything we will ever need is permanently secure, established forever in the allness of God, or good.

March 7, 1994

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