For about six months I was aware that I could not hear in...

For about six months I was aware that I could not hear in one ear. This was apparent whenever I answered the telephone, and I would hastily have to switch to the other ear in order to hear what was being said. I became quite alarmed, as it was necessary for me to hear clearly in my line of work.

I called a Christian Science practitioner, who faithfully prayed for me and supported me with practical statements of spiritual truth. I remember at one time he referred me to this: "Sound is a mental impression made on mortal belief. The ear does not really hear. Divine Science reveals sound as communicated through the senses of Soul—through spiritual understanding" (Science and Health, p. 213). I realized I had been trying to heal a material ear, whereas I needed to realize that hearing is a spiritual faculty, undiminished by time. Hearing is the result of spiritual understanding.

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March 7, 1994

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