When I was eighteen years old, a Christian Science healing...

When I was eighteen years old, a Christian Science healing and the lessons involved with it changed my whole life for the better. It also transformed my attitude toward others, strengthened my relationships with my family, led me to my husband-to-be, and (most important) settled any question as to where the study of Christian Science should stand in my list of priorities!

I was an American college freshman in Paris on a study program, living with a French family and taking part in classes and organized trips each day. I had always been an active person who ate heartily, slept little, and wanted to participate in everything. But despite a desire to take part in all the classes and excursions, I suddenly found I didn't have enough energy to do anything; I didn't want to eat and couldn't sleep.

Testimony of Healing
A few years ago I attended a dance with a friend
November 7, 1994

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