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A kitty who was healed

Ned had a new little kitten that he named Ralph. That's a different name for a kitty, isn't it? Ralph had soft gray fur with some white fur on his paws and his tummy. He had large eyes and a cute little mouth.

Since Ned went to school every day, Mom took care of Ralph while he was away. One morning when Ralph was still very little, Mom set him outside the back door just as she had done every other day. He got to have a little fresh air and learned to be an outside cat. This day Mom ran back to the kitchen to turn off the heat under a pot, but she heard a really sad yelp, so she ran back outside as fast as she could. She saw a big white cat disappearing around the corner of the garage, and there was little Ralph with an injured leg. He couldn't walk. Mom felt very bad that this had happened to

"What are your politics?"
November 7, 1994

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