How can we know God is guiding us?

When we have prayed to know what God wants us to do, how can we be sure that the answer we get is from God? There are times when this is easy. For instance, God does not direct us to commit an immoral or injurious action—to do something contrary to His law. So, a beginning step is to be sure the answer we have does not violate His law as shown in the Bible.

Equally important is to have an absolute trust in God—a patient, unwavering faith that finds its strength in an understanding of God as Mind, as infinite, ever-present Love, and of man as Mind's full and exact expression. A third step is an unselfish willingness to act on our highest understanding of Mind's guidance, knowing that if we start down the wrong path, God will redirect our steps.

Surrounded by God's care
November 7, 1994

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