Christian Science has been my only physician, healer, surgeon,...

Christian Science has been my only physician, healer, surgeon, and protector for many years. I include surgeon because through prayer alone I was once healed of a growth on my hip. I was not afraid of the diseased condition, because I knew God had not made it; therefore the growth had no spiritual reality to it or divine law behind it. In my prayers to better understand my true spiritual identity as God's child, I declared that a material growth could not be rooted or grounded in divine Life, and so could not grow. Two days later there was no vestige of the problem—not even a scar.

For many wonderful years I was blessed with joy-filled companionship with my wife. When she passed on a few years ago, I was healed of loss and grief through the understanding Christian Science gave me that Life is eternal. I still feel her love and support, and know she feels mine.

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January 10, 1994

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