About four years ago my girlfriend and I would go jogging...

About four years ago my girlfriend and I would go jogging around a high school track very early each morning before getting our children off to school. One morning we had just started our jog when I turned my ankle and fell down hard. I felt very sick and as though I was going to faint. My ankle was hurt, and when I tried to get up I soon realized I couldn't. I was having a difficult time trying to pray, so I asked my friend to have my husband come drive me home.

I then called a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me. Soon the pain stopped, although at first the ankle was still very badly swollen. I can no longer remember what I considered in prayer, but I do remember that I was up and about that same day, and that two days later I was able to square-dance at a school social. My friend was very impressed. Still, the healing was not entirely complete; for years after I would feel an ache in this ankle, and had to restrict certain simple activities. (One friend had told me shortly after my accident that the ankle might never be normal again.)

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January 3, 1994

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