When Christian Science was first presented to me, I was...

When Christian Science was first presented to me, I was going through very trying times. I soon realised that the study of this religion presents a wonderful healing and uplifting way to live. There was much to discover, and so I started by attending church regularly. I did not, however, make a full commitment at first.

It was when our family moved to a new country that Christian Science became the centre of my life. I became a Mother Church member and joined a branch church. Amongst the many healings I have had, there was an occasion when I was serving as First Reader in our church. I woke one morning to find a very painful condition on my skin. (It looked as though a stinging caterpillar had walked across my body, and I thought at first that was actually the cause of it.) I prayed, but the condition did not change. After a few days my husband said it looked exactly like a condition a colleague of his had, which had been medically diagnosed as shingles.

This really frightened me. The pain was interfering with my work as a Reader, and so I decided to call a practitioner in another country. She agreed to pray for me and asked me to steadfastly hold my thought to what I clearly understood about myself metaphysically. I said that I would adhere faithfully to what I understood to be true about myself as an idea in the Mind which is God. (Science and Health includes on page 492 the statement "Science says: All is Mind and Mind's idea.")

August 23, 1993

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