Is healing delayed? It's time to go up higher!

Prayer brings the freedom we're looking for.

A Heavy storm was raging. Fifteen-foot waves were crashing on the rocky coast. I was surprised to see that the flocks of gulls that moved up and down the shoreline at dawn and dusk had not taken shelter. They simply used the gale-force winds to their advantage. Instead of flying near sea level, their customary way, the big birds soared higher, away from the surging sea. Setting their wings into the wind, they glided swiftly homeward, effortlessly.

Had I learned the lesson of the seagulls earlier, I might have saved myself a journey or two through heavy seas.

I recall a particular time—perhaps many of us have faced similar situations—when an unresolved problem because so dominant in my thought, I could think of little else. Though I tried to pray, I couldn't seem to stop going over and over it. I rehearsed this resolution and that, this consequence and that. I researched, investigated, discussed, with no improvement in sight. In fact, things just got worse.

In next week's Sentinel—
August 23, 1993

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