Healing by making right choices

Being watchful of the thoughts you take in can help in ways you may not have imagined.

Thoughts are perpetually coming to us, so it is essential to question just what mental influences we're responding to. Are these thoughts helping us to think more spiritually, to see more of God's guidance in our lives? Are we making the effort to listen to what God is communicating to us every moment? Are we truly willing to look deep within to determine if we're motivated by selfishness or selflessness?

The Bible helps us see that God is the one Mind and that He imparts intelligence, wisdom, and understanding to His beloved image, or idea, man. The Bible also teaches that God is Love and infinite Spirit. The more we learn of the purely good, incorporeal nature of God, and of man made in His likeness, the more accurate and selective our choice of thoughts becomes. And, obviously, the more that right thoughts fill our consciousness, the fewer erroneous thoughts of sin and disease (with their subsequent problems) we will be allowing into our mental home.

A way through the wilderness
March 29, 1993

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