A healing I had a few winters ago showed me how powerful...

A healing I had a few winters ago showed me how powerful it is to hold to the fact that identity is purely spiritual. I was serving as First Reader in my local Christian Science church. One Saturday morning I started coming down with symptoms of a heavy cold. I was concerned about being able to read at the service the next morning. It was a beautiful day, and I decided to go for a walk and to pray. The thought came to me that I could take a spiritual stand for my freedom as God's child. The next idea that came startled me: I had the right and the spiritual authority to know I didn't have a cold.

Immediately several questions came to mind: "How could I have the audacity to say that I didn't have a cold when I had all the symptoms? What right did I have to deny these symptoms?" The answer came: "You have the right to know yourself as God's child and only as God's child."

March 29, 1993

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