Innocency and immunity

A pure, Christly state of thought is a sound basis for one's well-being.

Some people seem to carry a kind of inner security regarding their well-being. Talk to them about this quiet feeling of protection or safety and it's not unusual to find spirituality at the core of their lives.

In a world that can at times feel dangerous, there's something very appealing about having this sort of shield from disease or crime or accident. A sense of protection can be especially valuable in an era where there are deepening concerns over the erosion of immunity from disease and other perils.

For instance, efforts to immunize people with protective drugs do have their shortcomings. Some diseases thought to be under control are again surfacing. The relatively new disease AIDS has frustrated those searching for a quick medical solution and has illustrated the very nature of what it means for the physical body to lose its natural ability to fight off disease.

When is it safe to commit our lives to God?
December 13, 1993

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