In September 1986 I suddenly became very ill with abdominal...

In September 1986 I suddenly became very ill with abdominal pain and vomiting. My husband called a Christian Science practitioner for me, as I was unable to get to a phone. I had temporary prayerful help in turn from several practitioners, and then worked with one daily for forty-five days.

A Christian Science nurse came to assist with my care. Then our daughter came from another city to help for two weeks. Not being a Christian Scientist, she requested we allow a visit from a doctor. I felt I needed to put her at ease, so I agreed. On examination, the doctor told the family I had an abdominal growth and should immediately go by ambulance to the emergency ward at the hospital. After the doctor left, my husband called the practitioner, who resumed his prayer for me immediately. There was more peace in the whole family right away, and the hospital was never mentioned again.

Testimony of Healing
When I was hospitalized for kidney trouble, my doctor told...
November 1, 1993

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