Exposing evil as a lie

The joy we gain from the discovery of God as the source of all our good grows as we realize that all has its source in God, and that God expresses good alone. This spiritual realization breaks the grasp or influence of evil on our lives. We are often surprised by the degree to which we have had an unspoken conviction of the legitimacy of misfortune, of evil or disease. In proportion as the reality of God and His infinite goodness dawns in thought, the influence of Christ, Truth, is felt and seen in healing.

Because of the joy this brings, the feeling of holiness, the sense of spiritual freedom and enlightenment, some feel reluctant to examine the nature of evil and its supposed mode of operation. Yet spiritual progress requires this. The discovery that God is real is correlated with the discovery that evil is unreal. To understand the nature of evil is to lose our fear of it and to precipitate its self-destruction. To be aware of its method of operation protects us from being caught off guard.

September 7, 1992

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