Prayer, revolutions, independence, and then ... freedom

Many Sentinel readers will be celebrating the national Independence Day of the United States later this week—on the Fourth of July. Most of us, however, are probably not aware that at least twenty-three other nations will also be recognizing their own national holidays during the month of July: from France to Canada to the Solomon Islands.

The independence of nations throughout history has obviously been won in a number of different ways. In some cases, for example, diplomacy and negotiations have opened the way. At other times there were hard-fought struggles, with bloodshed and considerable loss of life. Yet in every case, we would undoubtedly find a longing in the hearts of people that couldn't be quenched—a longing to chart one's own destiny, a longing to be free. And that innate desire for independence couldn't help leading toward a revolution—first a revolution in thinking, followed by whatever political revolutions were necessary.

Making wise choices
June 29, 1992

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