Freedom from oppression

We are not helpless in the face of oppressive circumstances. Prayer leads us to liberty.

In his book, Utopias Elsewhere, Anthony Daniels speaks of a regulation that required Romanians (before the downfall of Nicolae Ceausescu) to report any conversations they had with foreigners. Daniels thoughtfully writes, "It was not actually forbidden to speak; only to say anything." Understandably, this kind of restrictive atmosphere leads to depression and doubt. But as Daniels's book also brings out, underneath this mental darkness there is always a desire for freedom, a kindling of hope and right thought, which rise to the front of consciousness until they can no longer be suppressed.

There is another, more fundamental kind of oppression that we need to be alert to—no matter where we live. It is the imposition of worldly, godless thought, which is blind to the true nature of God and man. This materialistic state of mind is fearful and ignorant. It would confine and darken life, taking away our joy, until we emerge from its hypnotic spell to a greater awareness of the bliss and liberty of God's man—to spiritual freedom.

Enlistment for peace
June 29, 1992

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