Making a difference in our world

There is a way to make a real difference in our world. The starting point is gaining a better understanding of God and our relationship to Him.

As an eighth-grade English teacher I had the opportunity to come up with several study topics for my classes this year. Wanting to choose themes that would encourage the students to make the most of their academic and social potential, I decided that we would start our year with the focus on "Making a Difference in Our World." I knew, however, that it wasn't enough to just organize academic course work. First I had to understand for myself how an individual could really make a lasting difference in the world.

Since I am a Christian Scientist, I knew that to find truly satisfying answer I needed to approach the topic from a spiritual standpoint. I began thinking about people in the Bible who had contributed something lasting to the world. I recalled Moses, who not only led the Israelites to freedom but gave the world the Ten Commandments and a clearer sense of the nature of God. "And what about Christ Jesus?" I thought. Here was the man who changed the entire course of human history by showing mankind God's fatherhood and man's sonship with God.

July 22, 1991

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