Don't let the senses deceive you

A friend of mine who is a pilot told me about "the vertigo effect" in flying. She said that the physical senses often tell you that your plane is climbing when the instruments show you that actually you are descending, and vice versa. If you are taken in by what the body is telling you, of course, you could be on your way to disaster. But pilots soon learn not to be deceived by the senses!

My friend, who is a Christian Scientist, finds this analogy especially helpful when she is piloting a small plane in thick clouds or in a storm. While she values the instruments in the aircraft for giving her a correct reading of the situation, she has frequently had to look beyond even them in order to know what to do in difficult situations. By turning to God in prayer and relying on her spiritual sense rather than the material senses to guide her, she has learned of God's wisdom and infallible direction, and this has kept her safe from harm.

Being a friend
February 25, 1991

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