Is spirituality the answer you're seeking?

Then, you don't have far to look. God is Spirit. And His presence is with us all.

If you're searching for more depth and satisfaction in all you do, you're certainly not alone. Thoughtful people all over the world would like to have something more meaningful in their lives than the pursuit of materialism. Many are discovering that the answer to the search for purpose and joy lies in becoming more spiritually-minded.

Before we can appreciate true spirituality, we need to understand what it is and how to go about finding it. To many, spirituality implies a state of consciousness above ordinary material thought. When people say they have had a spiritual experience, they often mean they have felt something different from—and in some cases better and higher than—the way they usually think. That experience may or may not have had elements of true spirituality. Some experiences are more or less based on the human mind's concept of a spiritual dimension and are not truly spiritual in quality, no matter how unusual they may seem. To distinguish an out-of-the-ordinary mental phenomenon from genuine consciousness of the spiritual nature of existence, one needs to know the difference between true spirituality and spiritualism.

Why forgive?
July 18, 1988

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