More than a second opinion

When we've been healed through prayer, we discover that it wasn't really a "second opinion" that was needed. It was God's truth that held the answer.

The car breaks down! One mechanic recommends a possible solution that will be very costly. Then we might find another mechanic who feels the problem has a different cause. Or a structural problem in our house may require that we get a second or even a third opinion from other contractors. These additional opinions often draw different conclusions from the same information.

Yet when daily experience brings us face to face with an adverse prediction, we can go beyond human opinions. The different outlook we need to seek is not of human origin but is from the one divine source, God. Therefore it really is not opinion at all but the truth as found in the inspired teachings of the Bible and as demonstrated in the life and healing works of Christ Jesus. This truth is spiritual and tells us of our inseparable relationship to God.

Dealing with the dinosaur problem
January 4, 1988

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