A home filled with light

Home. The word calls up feelings of comfort, tenderness, and safety. Can we have this sense of home wherever we are?

Walking out of a restaurant one evening, I was surprised to hear the sound of birds' singing, because it was dark outside except for the sidewalk lighting. As I looked around, I found that the birds weren't in the trees or bushes. They had built their nest within the structure of the streetlights, and because of where they had chosen to build their home, they were constantly in the light.

Are there times when our home could be brighter? Or when we are away from home and yearn for its brightness and joy? There is always the opportunity to build our mental home, our consciousness, in the light. By establishing the true sense of home—heavenly harmony—in thought, we can overcome sadness, discomfort, or sorrow wherever we are. We can learn to feel the Mother-love and Father-love of God everywhere.

Becoming conscious of heaven
July 13, 1987

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