Comfort for our global family

The news of political refugees stirs our hearts. But how can we help? Understanding God's all-embracing love is a good place to start.

I had just read a particularly moving article in The Christian Science Monitor accompanied by pictures of families in another country who were waiting to hear about their missing loved ones. Many believed that their family members were victims of government abuse and injustice. I longed to do more than simply try to identify with these people and share in their sorrow. "But how can I comfort one who feels wronged or helpless and who lives so far away?"

I also wondered if I could hold this desire to help and let it grow into inspired action, instead of letting my concern fade as I faced my own everyday challenges. I find it is often easy to look on newspaper scenes with a kind of sympathetic but detached concern that keeps me from feeling motivated to take action. The inner question nudged urgently at me: "But what can I do?" Almost as quickly, but with the force of gentle reassurance, came an answer: "Pray—really pray—to understand that these people and those they care about are actually under God's government."

God's will for you
March 2, 1987

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