Taking our steps with God

Confused? Undecided? Turning to God in prayer brings spiritual guidance to decisionmaking.

A close friend of mine had been receiving calls from various personnel agencies offering him new jobs with various companies. Each agency seemed to be making its offers unceasingly, and my friend became confused about whether he should accept any of them. He began to pray to understand better the truth of man's spiritual nature, his inseparability from his Maker. He prayed to learn how to listen, and follow God's messages. He prayed to let God's will be done and to hear His will clearly and understandably.

My friend had been praying for a few days when the answer came, "Don't accept these offers!" At first he doubted this was the right message. Because the answer didn't fit in with his preconceived ideas of how the decision should work out, he felt fearful. But as he prayed more he began to understand that God is ever present and that he could always hear the divine message. He learned that he didn't have to be influenced by indecision, fear, or stagnation, because God made him intelligent, unafraid, and active. He no longer felt helpless, but able to express control, competence, and God's authority over his thoughts and actions, in short, over his life. Unhappiness and depression were replaced with happiness and spiritual advancement. He was listening for God's voice and could trustingly follow His guidance.

My friend felt confident in declining the job offers he was receiving. He knew it was right to stay where he was. Within two weeks of his decision he was offered a promotion with the company he worked for. More quiet prayer and listening led him to accept the promotion the certainty that this was indeed the right step for him.

But God
March 9, 1987

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