Preparing for motherhood

Perhaps the finest gift we can give our children is to teach them that they are the eternal children of God. To daily affirm their heritage as beloved heirs of the Father-Mother God can bring out freedom and happiness not only in their lives but in ours as well. We give them this gift as we pray and understand that man has always existed, and that he will forever continue to be spiritual, the image of God, Spirit. Divine protection naturally is felt from this conviction of man's indissoluble link to the Father-Mother God.

In contrast, material belief continually stresses that man is mortal and must go through processes of birth, maturity, and death. Yet this is in direct opposition to the first chapter of Genesis, which states that man is created in God's likeness, complete, good, and eternal. Mrs. Eddy writes in the Christian Science textbook that "... the living and real prelude of the older Scriptures is so brief that it would almost seem, from the preponderance of unreality in the entire narrative, as if reality did not predominate over unreality, the light over the dark, the straight line of Spirit over the mortal deviations and inverted images of the creator and His creation." Science and Health, p. 502. Because of the world's insistence that man is governed by laws of matter, it is vital for us to examine our thought to see that the real man, made by perfect God, predominates.

Are we seeing and loving God's child?
June 18, 1984

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