In my early twenties I was seeking a religion that would meet my...

In my early twenties I was seeking a religion that would meet my needs by explaining the nature of God and my relationship to Him. I was introduced to Christian Science by my wife, who is a student of this teaching. I knew that I had found what I had been looking for, because of the love and joy that were expressed by the Christian Scientists I met.

My first healing was of a boil. I had been having medical help, but the condition was growing worse. Finally there were symptoms of blood poisoning as well as severe pain. I asked my wife what I should do, and, of course, she recommended my calling a Christian Science practitioner for help through prayer. I made the call immediately, and within an hour the pain was relieved. By morning the boil was gone. What amazed me about this healing was that I had known nothing about Christian Science. Yet when I had asked the practitioner for help, although I could not understand exactly what he would be doing, I knew I could be obedient to his instruction to avoid looking at the boil—the material picture of disorder. Also I remember the practitioner's telling me that God is Love, All-in-all, and that He does not cause inharmony or discomfort.

March 28, 1983

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