Expecting more from prayer

Christian Science healing is taking place every day all over the world. Christian Scientists find it natural to turn directly to God in prayer—sometimes with the assistance of Christian Science practitioners—to handle every sort of challenge. Practical and effective as it is, however, such prayer isn't thought of as just another tool for making human life easier. Nor is it just another way to remove whatever thwarts human will. Healing prayer involves not only acknowledging but yielding to God's complete control over all, in spiritualization of character.

The spiritual growth that characterizes true Christian Science healing involves progressive awakening to the reality of God—His nearness and nowness—and of the total spirituality of His creation. It means uncovering and forsaking all consciously or unconsciously cherished beliefs in a power apart from God. This awakening doesn't come all at once in a blinding flash, and it doesn't come without meeting mortal mind's resistance. It comes in degrees commensurate with our present spiritual understanding and Christian practice.

Wake up and tell the day
March 28, 1983

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