Divine law reveals our unique selfhood

When I was about ten years old, I interrupted my mother and brother at the breakfast table one day to ask, "Who am I? Why am I alive now? Why not two hundred years ago or two hundred years from now?" That moment of questioning out loud thoughts that had often puzzled me still seems vivid, even though many years have passed. I remember the sunlight pouring in through the white curtains and the depth of my desire to know.

Only much later did I understand this quiet, though conscious, quest for identity as a universal human need to know ourselves as God's children. In teen-age and college years I often enlarged the dialogue to: "Why are we here? What purpose do we serve? We can't just be a part of an elegant, accidental, tragicomic scheme of existence based on a primal cause in matter."

Jesus was a carpenter
August 16, 1982

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