Love everyone? Is that what Jesus meant?

In our study of Christian Science we learn we must be obedient to Christ Jesus' two great requirements: Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself. See Matt. 22:35-40 . (Of course that means we must be loving to ourselves too—blessing ourselves and others with the same love that comes from God.) When first I studied this inspiring religion, this pure Christianity, I thought, "That is easy." At the time, I was surrounded by peace and beauty, in a small resort town of about two hundred people. Our family, aunts and uncles and grandmother, were all close by, including fifteen cousins. They were all so loving, and they told us we were great, and we believed them! Consequently, when I went out to find a job, I expected everyone to love me. How naive!

Mrs. Eddy tells us in Miscellaneous Writings: "Who hath not learned that when alone he has his own thoughts to guard, and when struggling with mankind his temper, and in society his tongue? We also have gained higher heights; have learned that trials lift us to that dignity of Soul which sustains us, and finally conquers them; and that the ordeal refines while it chastens." Mis., p. 126. I found this to be my experience, when I was working in personnel in a large electronics plant. It was a pressure cooker situation: they wanted everything yesterday! My employer told me that those seeking employment were at a low point in their lives and needed compassion. Sometimes I interviewed as many as one hundred people a day—mainly electronics engineers, but also typists and factory workers of all types and backgrounds. I learned to be grateful that these contacts were bringing color to my life, deepening my understanding of others and of myself. Who wants to live in a cocoon? However, the job was a challenge.

Do we have to drink to have friends?
August 2, 1982

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