The Christ working with you

How can we heal? Christ Jesus really answered the question when he spoke of salvation: "With men it is impossible," he said, "but not with God: for with God all things are possible." Mark 10:27.

When one is thinking of a needed healing and how it is to be accomplished, nothing is as important as a clearly distinguished consciousness of one's present relationship to the divine Principle, Love— to God. The healer—whether he is facing the need to heal himself or has received a call to serve as practitioner for someone else—does not need to be a so-called advanced student of Christian Science. But he does need to know that the thoughts he is using are just now coming from the divine Mind. If we think this difficult, we are already wrong, for it is as simple as "Blessed are the meek." Matt. 5:5.

Healing the claims of influenza
May 24, 1982

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