Despite being brought up in a family in which religion was seldom...

Despite being brought up in a family in which religion was seldom discussed, I early had a longing to learn about God. This longing was a child's hunger for the understanding of spiritual concepts. I read in the Bible that God is our Father, as Christ Jesus implied when he said (Matt. 5:45): "... that ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven." Since I'd never felt that I'd really gotten to know my human father (he passed on when I was very young), I did not feel I had a frame of reference for this truth.

However, in 1921, while I was in high school, my best friend happened to be a Christian Scientist. After visiting several churches, I asked her to take me to the Christian Science church she attended. Immediately I felt that I was "home." It was such a help to learn that God is our true Father and Mother. I could then more fully appreciate the gentleness of my mother's love, which enfolded her children and all with whom she came in contact—our house was a haven for all our friends.

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December 28, 1981

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