"I" trouble?

You wonder what it is? Well, maybe you will agree that it assumes man to be mortal, and that there are many mortal "I's." You know: "I want this, I want more, I have lost my health, I am sick, I lack this and that, I am lonely, I am unemployed, and so on. I am never finished wanting something or other." The old merry-go-round of mortal mind activity may show us how much the word "I" is being improperly used.

For example, it is not necessary to be unemployed. There is a job waiting for everyone. A three-hundred-and-sixty-five-days-of-the-year job. It will satisfy all our other "I wants." A full-time occupation, it is the most rewarding work one could engage in. You say, "What is this job? It sounds like a steady, ongoing sort." I might add that it is a job you won't get fired from.

Your source is present with you
December 28, 1981

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