Release from the grasp of time

Even within the framework of matter and physics, former time limits have been shattered. In our own living room and right when it happens, we witness the astonishing spectacle of a Chinese gymnast entertaining a Peking diplomatic gathering. Calculations that used to take months of tedious intellectual labor are now processed almost instantly by computers. Time concepts bounded by minutes and months have melted before new horizons defined in terms of milliseconds and millions of light-years.

The Science of Spirit goes radically further. It shatters the very framework of matter itself. There are no mortal measurements for the infinite. Since God is infinite Spirit and pure good, His immeasurable goodness is present everywhere and is already right here awaiting our recognition. Since He is Mind and infinite intelligence, the divine consciousness and intelligence are everywhere and already right here to be understood. Since His ideas partake of the nature of infinity, they are everywhere and at the same time right here to be grasped in all their perfection and goodness. Since He is infinite Love, His sustaining tenderness is everywhere and right here, a palpable presence to be relied upon. As Mary Baker Eddy puts it, "Because God is ever present, no boundary of time can separate us from Him and the heaven of His presence; and because God is Life, all Life is eternal." Unity of Good, p. 37.

No penalty for doing good
December 28, 1981

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