The presence of power

From time immemorial, people have looked to God as possessing great power. In the words of the Psalmist, "Power belongeth unto God." Ps. 62:11. Those who love God have turned to Him when they've been troubled or afraid or ill. We turn to Him because we see God as able to overcome any difficulties that confront us.

Many people find a great deal of comfort—and wisdom—in perceiving God as wielding mighty power. An understanding of Spirit's thrust of good has countless times enabled people to break free of evil conditions. To see God as a conqueror of evil carries tremendous implications. It gives humanity assurance that there are solutions for a troubled world.

But Christian Science profoundly advances mankind's concept of Deity. It explains what Christ Jesus understood about God, and shows why he was able to heal as effectively as he did. As deeply significant as it is to say that God's power is good, that it heals and blesses, it's something even more to make the unqualified statement that God is the only power.

Stilling storms
December 7, 1981

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