The holy "land" and who dwells in it

On what basis can the twin problems of Israeli security and Palestinian homelessness be equitably resolved? From the standpoint of human diplomacy the two needs may appear irreconcilable. On both sides many seem to have reached this conclusion, and some feel violence is the only recourse. But a prayerful examination of God's infinite ability to heal human confusion and limitation offers the world the hope of a practical solution.

An important basis for reconciliation is indicated in this verse from Psalms: "Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations." Ps. 90:1; The land man truly inhabits is infinitely more sacred—and certainly more secure—than any slice of material territory. Man really lives and moves in the infinite Mind, Soul, as the Apostle Paul told the Athenians.

Immortal expression, not mortal oppression
July 21, 1980

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