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Omnipresent means present everywhere at once. The omnipresence is God. One of the first and continually deepening lessons we learn is what this means to us in daily detail. Children, before they can even say "omnipresence," have a sense of the presence of good. They learn they can let go of their parents, turn off the light, and feel cozy in the presence of this reality. Praying parents find they can send their children to school, camp, or out into the world with assurance, trusting the fact that God is indeed present wherever the children are.

For all the comfort the knowledge that God is with us and our loved ones brings, there is an even greater satisfaction in an understanding of omnipresence. It is the recognition that as we adhere to the fact God is the one omnipresent Being, and are obedient to our own Christly impulsions, we have the opportunity to express the helpful, prayed-for presence of good in another's life.

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October 20, 1980

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