When it became increasingly difficult to meet the challenges...

When it became increasingly difficult to meet the challenges of life through my own efforts, I began to look for some means of help. Orthodox religions seemed to offer feeble comfort, but one day as I was thinking about some Bible verses, it occurred to me clearly that Christian Science is the most infinitely practical tool for meeting men's needs today, better by far than any other aid to health, peace, and happiness. Since that time, eleven years ago, I have devoted myself to the daily study and practice of this spiritually uplifiting Science. And I have enjoyed many blessings.

Besides the benefits of gradual daily growth in spiritual understanding, I am grateful for numerous physical healings. One day in September 1973 the front of my clothing was drenched in flaming gasoline. I had been holding a funnel of gas over the carburetor of a car when it backfired, exploding the gasoline. I soon got the fire out, but not before my legs had been burned. My friend got out of the car and smothered the fire in the motor, then asked how I was. As I didn't want to alarm him, I assured him I would be all right.

May 7, 1979

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