Joy leads to healing

Flowers, a kindly visit from a sympathetic but cheerful friend, a loving message, some good news. Anything that lifts an invalid from depression and self-pity helps to speed his recovery. This is well known. Joy has a healing effect.

Health and rejoicing go together, but not only in that order. One may rejoice because one is healthy and sees health in others, but Christ Jesus showed through his example that if one is conscious of the spiritual, scientific fact that God maintains the health and harmony of all His children and perpetually supplies them with abundant good, one can rejoice in that fact even though the physical senses may testify to discord and lack. And if we do rejoice in the truth, this often opens the way for the human situation to improve. Jesus proved this when he restored Lazarus to life after four days in the tomb and fed multitudes in a desert place.

When is harvesttime?
February 26, 1979

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