The health revolution

The authentic health revolution—a completely new approach to gaining and keeping health—cannot come from the development of more potent vaccines, nutrition, exercise, abstinence from certain foods, and so on. Radical change in health can only come with a radical spiritual understanding of God and, as a consequence, of man, the creation of God. If we think of man as organic and mortal, we cannot help looking in the wrong direction for health and for all-round well-being.

The basis for the totally fresh concept of health emerged in the modern age one hundred years ago. Mary Baker Eddy had suffered ill health herself and in endeavoring to help herself and others had experimented with material methods, including homeopathy. The beginnings of her discovery of Christian Science came at a time when she was critically ill after a fall and turned to God—without reservation—for healing. She found herself well. Studying, probing, pondering the Bible, she learned of the divine laws that had healed her. She healed others on a spiritual basis. Again and again she proved the practical importance of accepting the presence and omnipotence of God as literally true. She realized that Spirit, God, is the only Maker of man; and that man neither originates in matter nor has ever deteriorated from total spiritual perfection into physical imperfection.

Floating ax heads
February 19, 1979

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