Steadying political change

The plight of Americans in Iran, the recent turmoil in Bolivia following a coup, and the assassination of President Park Chung Hee in South Korea may suggest that the instability and violence accompanying some changes in government are almost necessary elements.

But stability is concomitant with the government of Principle, God. God and man—Principle and its expression—are one. And man reflects only the intelligence of universal Principle. Principle's creation includes orderly unfoldment and progression, never chaotic change.

In reality, all creation is under this divine government. And political turmoil in Iran, South Korea, or wherever, can and must be dealt with from a metaphysical standpoint as firmly as any chaos afflicting our own lives. Destructive upheavals, including hostage-taking and violent counterdemonstrations, challenge our understanding of God's authority; they demand that we achieve a stronger trust in God and a clearer view of His constant omnipresence. A certainty of man's safety—based on the spiritual fact taught by Christ Jesus and explained in Christian Science that man is never cut off from God, his governing Principle—will result in specific solutions. For example, obstructed communication channels can open to permit rational negotiation. With the recognition of God's, divine Love's, total ascendancy, and when we apply Christian Science by looking to the power of divine Love, mortal arrogance can be proved powerless to sway any nation's leaders. Such understanding of the power of divine Love can be counted on to impel merciful and right decisions and restore just and harmonious government.

Notes on the "new look" Sentinel
December 3, 1979

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