True being can't be stereotyped

You Are Not a Type

"Are you one of these?" a friend of mine was asked while in a bookstore. Someone near him was reading to him from a book that described what type of person is subject to a particular ailment.

My friend, a Christian Scientist, thought to himself: "I'm that type, why that's me exactly. I'm that age, and I meet all the other criteria." He immediately began to feel quite ill. Quickly he called a Christian Science practitioner to help rid him of what seemed to be an alarming physical condition. The practitioner pointed out two things: first, the fear that certain personal characteristics or statistics could bring on illness was a world belief and not the truth of being; second, my friend wasn't type A, B, or any other type— he was God's likeness and therefore free of any false labels or undesirable effects.

"Your joy no man taketh from you"
August 15, 1977

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