A Good Summer at Camp

At camp one day my head was hurting very much, but I wanted to go to the trampoline. This was one of my fun activities that I always love to do. When I got on the trampoline, my head started hurting even more. I went down to a counselor who is a Christian Scientist and we talked about how God is perfect so I must be perfect, too. God made me and everyone in His likeness.

I was thinking about the Commandments and the one that says, "Thou shalt not steal." Ex. 20:15. The bad thoughts of a hurting head could not steal my happiness. Then she brought our her tape recorder and played some hymns. One I liked very much was Hymn No. 392 from the Christian Science Hymnal. The part that helped me was,

The Strong Swimmer
August 30, 1975

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