Truly Loving God

When two people are in love, they think about each other a great deal. Each one sees things and values them partly in terms of their effect on the other. For example, a man wonders, "Will this piece of news make her happy?" Or he tells himself, "She's going to feel good when she finds out I got the job!" Praise for her is frequent and he is ceaselessly discovering new characteristics to appreciate and admire.

There are many people who claim to love God. However, when you ask them about their love, some of them will reply by making statements such as, "I love God because He heals me" or "I love God because of what He has given me" or "I love God because it's my duty to do so; we were created for that purpose." Replies such as these often indicate a love that originates more in the head than in the heart.

The Reliability of Metaphysical Healing
April 26, 1975

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