Mind Understands

It's not unusual for thinking individuals to wonder just what they really are and what they are here for—to speculate on their origin, their purpose, their goal. Answers to searchings like these are beyond mere human speculation. But Mind, Deity—the only cause—understands. So there is a step we all can take to find answers to existential questions. Christian Science teaches that there is only one Mind, one God, one consciousness. It's worthwhile considering the implications of this. It is only from the admission, the humble acceptance, of this fact that one can begin to find some insight into the nature of being.

To glimpse and comprehend omniscient Mind—all-knowing consciousness—demands a spiritual approach. Purely materialistic thought isn't capable of comprehending the nature of its opposite. But spiritual thinking apprehends the nature of Mind. We spiritualize our thought by acknowledging Mind as the source of all that is true, and by living consistently with this fact. We come to recognize that greater spiritualness is an evidence of the activity of Mind itself, not just something a mortal must labor for and put on. Following this, our drawing closer to Mind is more possible to achieve and our sense of unity with God is easier to maintain.

Testimony of Healing
My mother was a student of Christian Science before my birth
November 2, 1974

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