Beating the Energy Crisis

Energy, for purposes of measurement, may be defined materially as the capacity to do work. To spiritual sense, energy is the capacity of Mind, God, to do His work—that is, to constitute all that really exists. Divine Mind knows; and its idea is, without labor. Conveying this in the metaphorical language of the first chapter of Genesis, "God said ..."See Gen. 1:3; —and a further aspect of creation was. Spiritual creative energy flowing from divine Life is inexhaustible.

But in physical terms earth's measurable energy time, scientists who assess world resource consumption and relate it to known reserves warn we're gobbling energy sources—oil, natural gas, coal —at an alarming rate. We ought to give their predictions careful attention. But how to be of most help? We can evaluate the energy crisis spiritually rather than just physically.

September 8, 1973

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