Translating Human Experience

We live in a technological age; we meet technical terms, some new, some old, such as computer, commuter, transmuter. This last word, "transmuter," is an old word of the sixteenth century, and was applied to an alchemist who tried to transmute or change base metal into gold or silver. Two other dictionary meanings of this word are "transform," "translate."

Now, a student of Christian Science, although he may not be an alchemist attempting to transmute metal, or a linguist, translating foreign tongues, is, however, in a spiritual sense, every minute of the day, transmuting, translating, transforming. He is transmuting seemingly base natures into their true gold; he is translating human concepts into true spiritual ideas, transforming the physically deformed into their true, perfect, spiritual form.

Blocks Are for Building
March 11, 1972

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