Hope for the Alcoholic

In the western world today there is a danger to society even greater than drug addiction—alcoholism. Statistics indicate that more people are slaves to strong drink than to narcotics. Many believe that alcohol is at the root of more unhappiness, broken families, and accidents than any other human failing except war. Increasing efforts are being made by wise and dedicated human beings to help the victims of intemperance, and everyone should be concerned to do his part in freeing mankind of this evil.

Though experimental efforts are being made to condition alcoholics to limited drinking, it is still generally believed that to break the habit of intemperance there is only one safe course—total abstinence. Experience seems to show that the slightest indulgence in strong drink is a danger to one who has ever allowed himself to become addicted to alcohol, for it reopens the door to excess. To be really free, the compulsive drinker needs to take a total stand against it. Sobriety is a must.

August 7, 1971

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