Does Life End?

You materialists! You tell us that when this body dies that's all there is. How do you know? Do you know? You say there is no evidence that life goes on. If you grew up in a house without windows and never looked outside would you say there is no evidence that there is an outside?

Are there values that are immortal? Christian Science insists there are. The evidence is here for all to see, but it requires a look outside the material sense of life. The materialist may protest that it is unscientific to look outside matter, because matter is all that the senses can cognize. According to him, science is concerned only with that which can be observed through the physical senses. But what if there actually is something outside? And what if there are spiritual senses that belong to each of us just as surely as the material senses seem to belong to us—senses with which we can see the evidence of immortal life?

Our Defense Against Burgeoning Noise
August 1, 1970

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