Adopting a Religion

Thoughtful people do not adopt a religion without careful consideration of what it teaches. They sense that their concept of God will determine their character and control their lives. Even in countries where religion is discredited as man-evolved and useless, people can decide within their hearts what to accept as the truth of being and how to work it out in actual worship. Mary Baker Eddy says in her sermon The People's Idea of God, "Periods and peoples are characterized by their highest or their lowest ideals, by their God and their devil."Peo., pp. 6, 7;

Persons becoming interested in Christian Science often tell of the transformation that has taken place in them since adopting the concept of God and His creation that this Science reveals. They find themselves able to express in a degree the power to heal that Christ Jesus required of his followers, a power he exhibited in its maximum degree.

Helping the Retarded Child
April 18, 1970

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